Meet Our Mermaids!

Mermaid Bonnie

Mermaid Bonnie is Nashville’s original professional mermaid for almost a decade! She trains and manages all three mermaids and is currently only accepting limited underwater photography projects. She is SCUBA certified with an extra certification in diving with whale sharks, has a M.Ed, and has experience diving as a mermaid from Australia to the Bahamas! Mermaid Bonnie won the gold medal for overall MerOlympian at the 2014 Mermaid Olympics and was the first mermaid to swim with whalesharks at seven months pregnant! 

_MG_1371 finn web


Mermaid Serena Stardust

Mermaid Stardust is our unicorn mermaid. She comes to us from a mermaid company in Alabama where she worked as Arielle and she can bring that magic to your party as well. She has a lovely silicone green tail and comes with her Pegasus. She has become a crowd favorite with girls between 9-15 who love all things mermaids and unicorns!

Mermaid Unicorn 2


Mermaid Kira

Mermaid Kira is our “Splash” inspired goldfish mermaid! Kira has extensive training as a swimmer and locally works as a lifeguard. Kira has been sought out by the local YMCAs to work their official parties because of her amazing work as a mermaid! She has created an original character and name for herself and gets hired both near and far to bring her talents to events and parties.



Mermaid Princess

Our Mermaid Princess comes to us from a professional mermaid company in St Croix, VI! She used to perform and entertain children in the ocean and dazzled the audiences so much there that we had to bring her to Nashville to share her talents! She has the most adorable banter with Flounder (who talks back to her), and can bring the music of your child’s favorite movie as well as swim with your guests, making dreams come true!

IMG_0107 (1)

Mermaid AmiBeth

Mermaid AmiBeth comes to us from LA where she was one of the original youtube mermaids who started the mermaid trend ten years ago! She has been a featured mermaid in many parties to the stars and has been used as a model for distinct national campaigns. She delights the young and young at heart with her fun personality and bright red tail.



Mermaid Aurora

Mermaid Aurora came to us as a professional singer who has performed around the world with nationally touring bands. She has a unique look with her hair that brings to mind the favorite My Little Pony character of Songbird Serenade, which our clients love! If your child is into My Little Ponies and loves mermaids, this is the mermaid for you!


Mermaid CeCe

Mermaid CeCe is our mermaid with blonde hair and pink stripes. She can come in a pink tail or her shiny white tail. CeCe is not only a mermaid, but she is also in college earning her degree in marine biology and is SCUBA certified. She infuses her storytelling with real scientific facts and hopes to inspire more girls to pursue science and at the very least, to instill in them a passion for ocean conservation.


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