Frequently Asked Questions


What is Music City Mermaid?

Music City Mermaid Inc. has three professional mermaids that are highly skilled, trained, and screened to work your next party, corporate event, resort, or photoshoot. We are especially popular for children’s parties and we love bringing the magic to each event!

What is the protocol for a children’s birthday party?

Our princesses will park a little ways from your event and walk up to your party to keep the magic alive. They will have your number to directly keep in communication with you on the day of your event. We understand that every party is different and want to tailor our entrance/departure to your needs.

Our mermaids will need to arrive early to your event to set up. Some of our tails weigh up to 40 pounds and we simply cannot walk up to your party. Some events have the space where we can be carried or wheeled in for a grand entrance, and that can be worked out in advance, but usually to be safe we arrive about 30 minutes prior to your party’s start time. Every mermaid arrives with a trained and screened assistant. This assistant helps the mermaid get into her tail, set up the clamshell, gift bags, toys, etc. During the party the assistant is there to help the mermaid retrieve items and move her in and out of the clamshell and pool. Our assistants are not there to be lifeguards, so we ask that you hire one or be vigilant over your precious little ones. We will go over which activities your mermaid will perform at the party. Some sing, give tattoos, play educational games, tell mermaid stories, teach swimming and mermaid tricks (such as blowing underwater mermaid hearts), depending on your guests’ ages. We will go over what your chosen mermaid can do and plan accordingly. As professionals, we know to listen to the children and since it is their special day we follow what they want to do. You are welcome to take as many photographs as you like during the party and we will plan to have photos taken at the beginning of the party before everyone gets wet! Approximately 15 minutes before the mermaid’s time is over, her assistant will start getting things put away as discreetly as possible. The mermaid will then be either carried out by the assistant or wheeled out in our “merchariot” which is a dressed up wheelchair. We will have worked out an exit plan with the venue to help ensure that the magic is retained for the children. Sometimes we do have to change in a locker room but if so, we do put on costumes so that the children don’t see us leaving and there are times when we can be wheeled out from the building and taken straight to our vehicles for a quick change before leaving. It’s usually very easy to leave a private residence as we can be taken out through the fenced in area to our vehicles.

What if my guests arrive late? Can my mermaid/princess stay later?

This happens a lot more than one would think! This previous season it happened a lot- parents planned the perfect party and guests didn’t arrive until 45 minutes after the start time. Sometimes we have parties booked immediately afterwards and we just cannot stay any longer. Also, we pay our assistants and our baby sitters by the hour so staying longer costs us more. If you need a mermaid/princess to stay later you can talk with her about it. Either she can or she can’t. I suggest having extra cash on hand just in case if this happens to you. We cannot guarantee that we can extend our stay, but if you are monetarily prepared and the mermaid/princess has the time, then you will be so glad that you did! Due to bounced checks we do not take checks the day of the event-it is cash only.

Which areas do you service?

Music City Mermaid services most areas in middle Tennessee. All three mermaids perform in Nashville, and Mermaid Merliah performs in Huntsville, AL during the school year. Any party that is more than 45 minutes away from the Nashville area is subject to an extra fee based on distance. If you are more than an hour and a half away from us, our flat fee of $500 applies because we will be unable to work more than one party that day. Please email us to find out if this rate applies to your area.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Music City Mermaid Inc. is the only company that offers the most realistic mermaids that actually swim with your guests. As of now, Mermaid Bonnie is one of the most realistic mermaid princesses in the nation! She is one of the most world renown professional mermaids and she has hand picked and trained each Music City Mermaid! You can read more about our lovely and accomplished mermaids on their bios.

Our tails are made of high grade silicone by reputable tailmakers. Our silicone tails cost around $4,000 each! Cheaply made “silicone” tails made from bathroom caulk leach into pool water, putting your children at risk. This is why we only buy tails from well known tailmakers and don’t buy cheaply made ones from the internet. Our sequined tails are one of a kind and are handmade. If purchased online they would average about $3,000 each because of the time and expense of the materials.

Why are you so expensive?

The first thing the children do when they meet us is they touch our tails. They tap the fins and squeeze them. They want to know immediately if we are “real” mermaids or not. We could use cheap $100 tails like our competition, but the children would know and then it would ruin the magic. We come with expensive inflatables, including our large clamshell which is custom ordered, takes months to receive (so it’s not easily replaceable), and initially costs thousands to buy. We are constantly investing in our company, adding more additions such as bubble machines, a talking Flounder, a mermaid fin for your child to try, a more portable clamshell, floating pegasus, and a professional music amp with mic so that our “Mermaid Princess” can sing for your guests and we can have songs from your child’s favorite movie play in the background. We have extremely high standards because we want this to be the most magical experience for your child!

Should I call to book my party/event?

You may email us through our “Contact” page. Tell us the date, location, and which mermaid you would like to attend your event. Then we will email you back to go over all of the details. Each party is different and we want to make sure that every client gets exactly what they want! Once we have confirmed the date and the party details, then payment in full is due before the party, or a deposit for a corporate event. There are no refunds offered, but we do offer rescheduling of your event as long as we receive notice two weeks in advance. We accept either a check made to Music City Mermaid Inc. or PayPal.

What if I want to hire the Mermaid Princess, but I don’t live in the Nashville area?

Our “Mermaid Princess” has become very popular with the children as she has become one of the most well known and realistic “Mermaid Princess” performers in the nation! Mermaid Bonnie is able to travel out of state for the flat fee of $500 plus travel costs so you can have the most beloved “Mermaid Princess” for your child’s special day-no matter where you live!

 Are your parties appropriate for all ages?

Yes. This is why we like to have all the information for your specific party and event. We would not hand out toys that could be choking hazards for one year olds, and conversely would not give out prizes to teens that are meant for toddlers.

Additionally, all of our mermaids have passed a criminal background check and have a talent for working with children. We are a Christian values based and family oriented company. We do not hire out mermaids for “adult” parties. We have been hired to attend conventions or work house parties, but we have the right to refuse any event that goes against our wholesome Christian values.

Where do you recommend I hold my party?

There are a variety of public pools that we have all performed in. When you contact us for booking, you are welcome to ask us which pools we prefer. Private pools are a fun and inexpensive place to have a party. Even if you do not own a pool, many friends and family are willing to extend to you the use of theirs for a mermaid pool party. If a pool is not available, we still can come with our giant clamshell and have fun with your guests! Clients have hired us to come and sit and take photos with their guests at events without water. No matter what, people just love meeting real mermaids!

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend booking 4-10 weeks in advance although we can accommodate last minute bookings. In the summer we get the most bookings, so we highly recommend booking as soon as you know you are having your party!

 Do you offer refunds?

No. We do not offer refunds on parties under any circumstances. If a two weeks notice is given, we will do our best to reschedule based on date availability at no extra charge to you! Additionally, if a client is dishonest about an event, and the mermaid is concerned for her safety, she has the right to leave immediately.

What if there is a storm on the day of the party?

Actually we have had rainy day parties! There have been times when we thought the party would be canceled but the storm passed over quickly or just missed our event! It’s so hard to predict mother nature. We recommend having a dry area prepared just in case of a storm, and we can continue to entertain your guests indoors. In case of extreme bad weather, we will work with you on a case by case basis. We want you to have a good experience with us, and will do everything in our power to give you the best customer service possible.

 Are the mermaids and costumes shown going to be the ones at my party?

Yes. This is why we give you the option of choosing your mermaid, and for some mermaids, there are different looks to choose from with the same mermaid. This is also why we call you and have a conversation about your party and your preferences so that we have open communication to ensure that you get what you want. In the case of an extreme emergency, another mermaid may have to come to your event, but that would be worked out beforehand and a discount will be given. As of now, after 8 years, this has never occurred, but this is our policy just in case.